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Contractor or employee? How to get it right

Knowing when a worker is a contractor or an employee can be tricky, but there are penalties if you get it wrong. Learn the key differences that will help you understand the real nature of the employment relationship before you enter into it. When is a worker an...

Tips To Help You Find The Best Accountant For Your Business

Finding the Best Accountant in Central Coast for Your Business is essential to the success of your online home based business. Without a good accountant or bookkeeper, your online business will just be getting off the ground. Your e-commerce enterprise is on pace, but...

Fiscal Purgatory – Where Foreign Exchange Becomes Purified

Fiscal Purgatory – Where Foreign Exchange Becomes Purified

Our company transfers money internationally at least twice per month. Ten minutes after I’ve initiated the transfer that money is no longer in our Australian bank account. More often than not several days will pass before our money miraculously reappears in our Hong...